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The Sanissential is more than just a portion control hand sanitizer dispenser. It is a bridge – that will help you lead your employees and your customers into the new normal.

Unlike the other hand sanitizer dispensers on the market, the Sanissential | Industrial Sanitation Station is Tough! Built to stand up under the most challenging of conditions – high traffic, extreme weather, temperature, even saltwater.  Additionally, this durable, freestanding unit holds 2 gallons of liquid gel (1 gallon active & 1 gallon in reserve)… extending the time between refills.

  • Sleek and attractive Stainless Steel finish

  • Durable, freestanding unit (mounting options available by request)

  • Weighted base keeps stand in place

  • Foot operated

  • Locking storage compartment allows quick access to additional sanitizer

    Height: 49.109-in tall; Width: 8-in; Depth: 8.218-in; 
    Base: 24-in x 24-in; 
    Weight: 60 lbs (w/o sanitizer); 80 lbs (w/ sanitizer)


Our stations are built with SAE 316L STAINLESS STEEL throughout. When cleanliness is of the highest importance, stainless steel is the first choice. The Sanissential is a great fit for hospitals, labs, food processing facilities, and many other selective customers. 



We all recognize the need for hand sanitation in public spaces. Whether you are taking a quick trip to the grocery store or waiting in line for your favorite concert… everyone wants to feel safe. The Sanissential is a robust solution that will deliver the results you expect, time and time again.


Have Questions?

Contact us for information about product pricing, distribution and all other inquiries.

(337) 235-4710

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