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Disinfectant Technology


SNiPER™ is the disinfectant to sanitize food service applications.. SNiPER™ is a disinfectant and cleaner that is able to fulfill many responsibilities in one product. Powerful enough to kill harmful bacteria and viruses and safe to use on all gear, equipment, and even the kitchen! SNiPER™ is perfect for any food service job.

Perfect for food service applications:

  • Commercial kitchens and galleys

  • Restaurant floors and tables

  • Bathrooms and bedrooms

  • Food manufacturing plants and equipment

  • Food preparation surfaces

  • And much more

All-purpose, multi-surface cleaner
Broad spectrum Hospital disinfectant and biocide
Superior odor eliminator
Sanitize food contact surfaces in 60 seconds

Non-corrosive • Non-flammable • Hypo-allergenic

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