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Disinfectant Technology


SNiPER™ is the disinfectant for law enforcement and military. SNiPER™ is a disinfectant and cleaner that is able to fulfill many responsibilities in one product. Powerful enough to kill harmful bacteria and viruses and safe to use on gear, equipment, and even body armor! SNiPER™ has been approved to safely clean Ballistic Body Armor vests, carriers, and panels without causing harm or damaging specialized material in any way.



K-9 ‘s and Vehicles
Equipment and uniforms
Masks and Helmets
Gloves and Boots
Turnout Gear
Ballistic Body Armor

Decontaminate Scenes
lood and vomit
Urine and feces
Bodily Fluids
Smoke and fumes

Eliminate Harmful VOC’s
yde and ammonia
Methane and Mercaptans
Hydrogen sulfide
Smoke and fumes
Gasoline vapors
Hazmat applications
And other harmful compounds
And much more

All-purpose, multi-surface cleaner
Broad spectrum Hospital disinfectant and biocide
Superior odor eliminator
Sanitize food contact surfaces in 60 seconds

Non-corrosive • Non-flammable • Hypo-allergenic


Customer Testimonials

Used on Boots

“My wife would not let me bring my relatively new but stinky boots into the house. I sprayed the boots with Sniper the first night and made a huge difference in the odor. I sprayed them again the second day to reach the smell in the deep padding and it completely eliminated the odor from my boots.” “I spray them once a week now for maintenance.”



Ballistic Body Armor

“Our city gets very hot and our body armor can really get to stinking.” “I used Sniper on my ballistic body armor a day later with the same deodorization results.”

Philip Glacier

Police Officer

Pepper Spray

“After the success of Sniper on other applications, or team and I decided to test Sniper on Pepper Spray.” “It completely neutralized the irritant in the Pepper Spray and we were able to rub the treated pepper spray on our skin with no effect.”

Rob Badland

Police Officer

Bodily Fluids

“I used Sniper to decontaminate a bloody mess at the scene of an Auto vs. Pedestrian Incident.”

Amy Redwood


K9 Team

“We received a couple of bottles of a Sniper K-9 shampoo to try.” “I used one on my dog and gave one to a member of our K-9 unit.” “My dog’s coat was completely odor free, no odor at all and a very soft and shinny coat.” “My K-9 officer reported the same findings with his dog. In fact, he was asked by a woman at the car wash what he was using on his dog and where she could get some.”

Robin Yellowstone

Police Officer

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

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