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NOK OUT – The Heavyweight of Odor Elimination

NOK OUT™ is the next generation of Odor Elimination Technology! NOK OUT™ odor eliminator is a cutting edge deodorizing technology that will eliminate the strongest odors without the “mask” of a fragrance. NOK OUT™ is an environmentally friendly formula with no harsh chemical fumes, is safe to use on most any surface and ideal to use around people and animals. It will simply NOK OUT™ the odor!

Freedom of treatment

NOK OUT™ is a superior Odor Eliminator as well as an All-Purpose cleaner that provides amazing versatility in applications because it’s safe on most any surface and has no strong chemical odor or fragrance scent. Just Spray and Walk Away! Confidence that it will NOK OUT™ the toughest odors!

NOK OUT™ odor eliminator is ideal for using around people or animals with allergies or with immune deficiencies.


NOK OUT™ odor removal is effective against the most powerful odors, even skunk odor and cat urine.




Veterinary Offices
Veterinary Hospitals
Litter Boxes
Grooming Areas
Poultry barns and coops
Pet Kennels

Horse / Equine Stables
Cow Barns & Dairies

Gyms & Locker rooms
Sport Mats
Real Estate Management
Municipal Waste Stations
Household Applications
Skunk Odor, Birds, Mice and Ferrets

NOK OUT™ odor eliminator is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-chlorinating, hypo-allergenic and a true biodegradable product.

• All-purpose, multi-surface cleaner
• Superior odor eliminator
• Strong & Safe
• Eliminates Smells From all Pet Odors
• Removes Smell From all Areas of The Home
• Destroys Smell of Smoke




May I dilute NOK OUT™ ?

For most applications, NOK OUT™ may be diluted by 50% with regular tap water, and retain effectiveness for odor elimination. e-mail us for specific dilutions for specific problems.

What is the shelf life of NOK OUT™  ?

The NOK OUT™ that you purchase will be effective for years and years. It very slowly (no more than 2 percent per year) loses strength, but remains a powerful odor eliminator.

Does NOK OUT™ REALLY work?

You Bet!  As long as you can get Nok-Out to come into direct contact with ALL of the odor source, it will be effective and efficient without harming you, your family or your pets. There is no other product on the market today that is anywhere as potent or effective in combating unwanted odors.

Are these products ‘Green’?

We think so. Neither NOK OUT™ nor SNiPER™ will leave toxic compounds behind that can contribute to indoor air pollution and they never release free chlorine ever. The EPA has granted us the lowest toxicity rating they give out and the active ingredient – chlorine dioxide – is used in water treatment plants all around the planet.

Will NOK OUT™ discolor fabric?

NOK OUT™ is non-staining. However, it is always prudent to first apply NOK OUT™ to a small corner of fabric to prove it is colorfast. This is more to prove to you that there will not be a looming disaster! Caution!  If you have previously used an acidic cleanser such as vinegar, it is a good idea to first neutralize that acid with a baking soday / water solution.  Make a mixture that is 1 – 2 tsps baking soda in one pint of water.  Spray this solution on areas where you have previously used vinegar and this will allow NOK OUT ™ to work most efficiently and effectively.

Does NOK OUT™ get odors out of hard or porous surfaces?

NOK OUT™ works perfectly on any washable surface. To be most effective, it must saturate the entire source of the odor, and it must be allowed to do this job in an alkaline or neutral pH environment.  

Will NOK OUT™ take a urine stain out of carpet?

NOK OUT™ is not designed to remove stains, however, customers tell us anecdotally that  in many instances, NOK OUT™ does remove stains as well as provide total odor elimination. The newer the stain is, the more likely that NOK OUT™ will successfully remove it.  The older the stain is, the less likely that ANYTHING will remove it.

Does NOK OUT™ have an odor?

No, NOK OUT™ is odorless, and does not mask or cover up the odor you are eliminating. Should a faint “swimming pool” odor persist after treatment, continue air circulation using a floor fan, or the circulation system in your car or home.

How does NOK OUT™ work?

NOK OUT™ is an oxidizer.  When it comes into direct contact with the source of the odor, it ‘oxidizes’  (think ‘changes’)  that smelly stuff into something that no longer has an odor. NOK OUT™ must have direct contact with the source of the odor for this to be able to happen. (So if you walk into a room in  your home, and it smells bad due to pet urine in the carpet, it won’t do you much good to spray the air – instead, find the source of the odor,clean that up, and spray directly on it.) This chemical change seems to occur during the drying process, so for most situations, you should spray, wipe, spray again and walk away, allowing the area to air dry naturally.

Which product is right for me?

Both products have a powerful odor eliminating formula, and will totally eliminate odor at the Source. SNiPER™ Disinfectant & Odor Eliminator is EPA Registered, and will eliminate bacteria (such as gram-negative and gram positive bacteria, and nosocomial bacteria), viruses (such as canine parvovirus and HIV), kill mold and mildew as well as other pathogens. However, you can order either product and obtain the same powerful odor removing results. For simple odor removal (think smoke/tobacco issues, a microwave fire, stinky gym bags and clothing, for example), NOK OUT™ , the Odor Eliminator is perfect for this job. When EPA documentation is necessary for your organization/agency, the SNiPER™ carries the EPA Registration. Prevent mold from spreading, keep bacteria from growing, protect your environment from all of the things we bring home from our daily lives on the job… SNiPER™ Disinfectant is the product of


Chemical vs. Enzyme

A major concern to the public is potential health hazards that everyday chemicals present. NOK OUT™ is safe for people and pets and is so mild you can wash your hands with it.
NOK OUT™ is NOT an enzyme-based product. Enzyme-based and botanical extracted products mask the present odor and complicate the ability to determine if the smell has been completed eliminated. Many fragrance-based odor masking products are uncomfortable to natural senses causing headaches and even illness. Temperature ranges also determine the effectiveness of enzyme-based products.
Don’t waste your time with competitors that use artificial chemicals, enzymes or odor masking techniques. NOK OUT™ Eliminates Odors at the source and is scientifically validated as a superior cleaner and odor eliminator to even the top enzyme-based products on the market.

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