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Disinfectant Technology

SNiPER™ is a registered disinfectant targeting the most harmful germs but not people, animals, nor the environment.


SNiPER™ is a Parvocide hospital disinfectant and cleaner able to fulfill many responsibilities in one product. SNiPER™ does not mask odors or produce a fragrances or scent. Simply eliminate the odor breaking down biological contamination at the odors source.  SNiPER™ is ideal for using around people or animals with allergies or with immune deficiencies.

SNiPER™ odor removal is effective against the most powerful odors, even skunk odor and cat urine.

Perfect to Treat:

  • Animal housing

  • Veterinary offices

  • Veterinary Hospitals

  • Kennels

  • Catteries

  • Bird Cages

  • Rabbit Barns

  • Cages & Hutches

  • Litter Boxes

  • Grooming Areas

  • Poultry barns and coops

  • Horse / Equine Stables

  • Cow Barns & Dairies

  • Zoos

  • Skunk Odors

  • And much more

All-purpose, multi-surface cleaner
Broad spectrum Hospital disinfectant and biocide
Superior odor eliminator



Non-corrosive • Non-flammable • Hypo-allergenic

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