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Are you looking for a product that offers a unique technology that can change your distribution sales business?

What makes our products unique?

SNiPER and Nok-Out’s proprietary chemistry has been designed for exceptional performance on a broad application scale while remaining mild and eco-friendly for all users. With SNiPER & Nok-Out it is no longer necessary to apply harsh, toxic and increasingly ineffective chemicals to clean, deodorize and disinfect indoor environments. We are the next generation chemistry in the new era of disinfection and Odor elimination quality. We have harnessed the power, efficacy and versatility of chlorine dioxide in a completely shelf stable formulation that is very easy to use while providing unparalleled safety; an EPA Level IV Toxicity rating; the lowest level allowed and still HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!

Our products provide a successful combination with amazing versatility!!

Please read through our website and visit the application pages to see the versatility of SNiPER and Nok-Out. We would love the opportunity to discuss your interest and how our products can benefit your business by guaranteeing satisfaction to your customers!

Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize:

Hospitals – Surgery Centers
Nursing Homes
Coroner & Medical Examiner facilities
Laboratories, Schools & Universities
Government Facilities
Hotels – Conference Rooms
Restaurants / Restrooms
Jails – Prisons – Police Stations
Fire Houses
Laundry Facilities
Any Public Area
and much more

There is now a technology that is able to address the challenges presented by environmental remediation projects thanks to its specially engineered mechanical action. SNiPER™ is specially designed to be activated on contact with these threats to disassemble life supporting cellular and molecular structures.

A Unifying Solution

SNiPER’s revolutionary technology provides a unifying solution to the disparate threads of environmental restoration projects.  It is the ideal remediation and maintenance tool, able to replace a wide array of cleaners, disinfectants and deodorizers; delivering better performance and protection while saving you money.



SNiPER™ should be used in the event of flooding or water intrusion; as soon as the water has receded or leak has been stopped, and drying has been started. SNiPER™ should be applied to all affected areas to prevent mold or mildew growth as well as for protection from bacterial concerns



SNiPER™ is a highly effective tool for dealing with sewage overflow or back flow. SNiPER™ has a superior disinfecting ability in the presence of organic load. SNiPER™‘s ability to rapidly harmful bacteria and fecal coliforms etc. and eliminate mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, and other odor causing compounds make it the product of choice to remediate this difficult and unpleasant problem.



After a fire, many structures are still lost as a result of smoke damage to contents and building materials leaving a permeating odor, which is next to impossible to remove. There is now an easy cost effective solution to this difficult problem. SNiPER™ and Nok-Out™ are the future of environmental restoration technology. Their unique formulation targets the volatile compounds created by fire.  They break down the molecular structure of the smoke deposits allowing the residue to be removed from drywall, furniture, wood floors, paneling, etc. In many cases, clothing, sheets, linens and other fabrics and washables can be saved as well.


Distributor Application

Effects of Mold

The worst mold infestation problems are often the ones inside floors, ceilings, walls, basement, attic, crawl space, and the heating/cooling equipment and ducts. Airborne mold spores are invisible to the eye, very light, and are easily carried in air current movements or in the air flows of your heating/cooling system to mold cross-contaminate your entire house from just one hidden mold problem. Many disinfectant cleaners only appear to treat the visible mold on the surface but in reality are only weakening the mold not killing the fungus and inactivating the spores.

Mold Allergy

​Most molds are un-harmful but certain molds produce toxins that are harmful to humans. They release chemicals that can present certain risks. However, all molds should be removed to prevent health risks.  Some people are sensitive to molds. They may experience symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation when exposed to molds. Some people may have more severe reactions including fever and shortness of breath. Immune-compromised persons and persons with chronic lung diseases like COPD are at increased risk for opportunistic infections and may develop fungal infections in their lungs. Quit using toxic or weak disinfectants that cannot provide the same level of protection as SNiPER™.

Get to know the one and only SNiPER™.


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