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Disinfectant Technology


Global Environment Restoration recognizes the importance of firefighters health initiatives.

SNiPER™ is the disinfectant for Fire and EMS responders! SNiPER™ is a disinfectant and cleaner that is able to fulfill many responsibilities in one product. Powerful enough to kill harmful bacteria and viruses and safe to use on gear, equipment, and even body armor! With the steady climb in microbial infections, emergency medical personnel and first responders are under increased pressure to ensure that their vehicles and equipment are clean and disinfected.

Importance of Decon and Cleaning

With firefighter cancer rates on the rise, it is critical to take initiatives in your department to keep your team safe. Decontamination (decon) procedures are a simple and effective way to protect your firefighters by helping to remove harmful carcinogens from gear, equipment, fire trucks, and the station.

Firefighter Decontamination

Firefighters should decontaminate themselves and their gear before leaving a fire scene. Decontamination procedures include removing harmful particles from dermal areas as well as turnout gear.

Station and Fire Truck Truck Decon

Many times carcinogenic particles emitted at a fire can find their way into the cab of a fire truck or back to the firehouse. To help keep your fire trucks and fire stations clean, consider using SNiPER™ in station showers to remove heavy metals and other carcinogens from firefighters. Use SNiPER™ to clean and disinfect cab surfaces and make sure station counters are also free from harmful elements.



  • Vehicles – Equipment – Uniforms

  • Fire Apparatus – Firefighting Equipment

  • Ambulances – Fire Engines

  • Masks and Helmets

  • Gloves and Boots

  • Gear – Service & Parts

Hard Surfaces

  • Stretchers and Backboards

  • Monitors

  • Oxygen Tanks

  • Vehicle Surfaces

Decontaminate Scenes

  • Blood and vomit

  • Urine and feces

  • Bodily Fluids

  • Biohazards

  • Smoke and fumes

Eliminate Harmful VOC’s

  • Formaldehyde and ammonia

  • Methane and Mercaptans

  • Hydrogen sulfide

  • Smoke and fumes

  • Gasoline vapors

  • And other harmful compounds, Etc.

All-purpose, multi-surface cleaner
Broad spectrum Hospital disinfectant and biocide
Superior odor eliminator
Sanitize food contact surfaces in 60 seconds

Non-corrosive • Non-flammable • Hypo-allergenic

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