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The Future of Intelligent Disinfection Technology

SNiPERTM carries a Class 4 Non-Toxic rating by the EPA Registry (EPA REG # 71700-2-82482).

SNiPER Biodegradable Cleaner EPA Registered Disinfectant – Bio-deodorizer

Bodily Fluids Spread Diseases… Stop it! with SNiPER



Integrate SNiPER’s powerful formula into your home or workplace to:

Clean – Disinfect and Bio-Deodorize

SNiPER works effectively in a variety of applications including:

  1. Law Enforcement

  2. Vehicle and Facilities

  3. P.P.E and Training Equipment

  4. K-9 and Swat Teams

  5. Fire/EMS Services

  6. Vehicle and Facilities

  7. P.P.E and SCBA

  8. Smoke Mitigation

  9. Agriculture & Food Processing

  10. Animals & Facilities

  11. Dairy Applications

  12. Chicken Farms

  13. Save Young Animal Lives

  14. Catering

  15. Hard & Porous Surfaces

  16. Counters

  17. Cutting Boards

  18. Refrigerated Coolers

  19. Athletics and Teams

  20. Shoes and Pads/Equipment

  21. Mat Surfaces

  22. Weight Rooms

  23. Kill Ringworm

  24. Theater Groups

  25. Costume Cleaning and Deodorization

  26. Prop cleaning

  27. During and between shows

  28. Pet and Animal Odor Elimination

  29. Skunk, Cat and Dog Odors

  30. Dander, Urine and Feces

  31. Kill Canine Parvo

  32. Kill Ringworm

  33. Environmental Services

  34. Mold Mediation

  35. Mildew Odors

  36. Smoke Odors on Surfaces

SNiPER’s Generated Chlorine Dioxide:

SNiPER is non-flammable, non-corrosive and has a non-harmful Category IV MSDS rating.

Sniper has the highest efficacy and is lab certified to kill:

  1. MRSA (Staph), Canine Parvo, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, E. Coli, Salmonella and much more. . .

  2. Aspergillus, Stachybotrys and much more…

  3. Mold and Mildew and Foul Odors

  4. VOCs: Formaldehyde, Ammonia, H2S and more

  5. Cigarette and fire SMOKE

  6. No Residue or Film

  7. Provides Residual Protection

  8. Removes and Inactivates Biofilms

  9. Removes Bio Odors

  10. No Harmful Chemical Vapors

  11. Hypo-Allergenic

  12. Environmentally Friendly

How Does SNiPER® Work? SNiPER® is a non-harmful, biodegradable all purpose cleaner for use on hard surfaces and textiles. SNiPER® is also an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered broad spectrum disinfectant and bio-deodorizer. This combination makes sniper an excellent cleaning and disinfecting system that far exceeds other cleaning products. It’s biodegradable so it is effective and safe for anyone to use in your home, school or business.

SNiPER®’s, proprietary chlorine dioxide chemistry forms stable chlorine dioxide, that causes a mechanical action that inactivates its microbial threats. As a result, pathogens do not become immune to SNiPER®.

The proprietary formulation SNiPER® makes it a unique disinfection system against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores, while still being safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Kills over 140 different bacteria and viruses (including harmful swine flu, bird flu, C. Diff, E. Coli, as well as resilient molds and spores. Eliminates bad odors caused from smoke, urine, vomit, bodily fluids, ammonia, and more. It is quick acting, non-toxic, environmentally-safe, and highly effective.

SNiPER® is more effective than bleach: Bleach has been around for many years and is often considered the best way to quickly disinfect surfaces. Even though bleach is advertised at killing 99.9% of germs, many bacteria in our environment have built up a protective film, called “biofilm”, against the penetration of bleach or other disinfectants. Essentially, bleach fails to penetrate this biofilm and will only clean so far. Harmful viruses (such as swine flu, bird flu, C. Diff, and others) can be hidden under this biofilm and will not be eliminated by bleach. This biofilm is found everywhere and on all surfaces. SNiPER® breaks down the biofilm, exposing the “protected” germs beneath and then keeps on killing to totally eliminate bacteria. One application of SNiPER® often takes the worse contaminated surfaces and turns them into “food safe” surfaces.

SNiPER® has a broader efficacy than traditional alcohol and phenol based disinfectants. It has been named “The Ideal Biocide“ by Herman Sabath, PhD. MPH CMC/CMI, Global Leader in Microbial Infections and Indoor Environments.

Eliminates odor better than odor absorbents: Most odor eliminators simply coat odors with a film that allows them to reappear 7-10 days later. These chemical odor absorbents will also emit harmful VOC’s or carcinogens into the air. SNiPER® does neither. Instead it completely kills the odor causing bacteria and does not emit any VOC’s or carcinogens in the air. SNiPER® is non-toxic and water-based.


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